Bikeability cycle safety training is designed to improve your cycle skills, from learning the basics of balance and control to planning and making short journeys on today’s busy roads.

Sport North Tyneside has fully qualified, DBS checked instructors who can deliver Level 2 training free of charge to small groups aged 9-14 years. All you need to take part is a bike in a safe and roadworthy condition (both brakes in working order) and a safety helmet.

The training will cover the following:

  • Start and finish a journey by road, including passing parked or slower moving vehicles and side roads
  • Make a u-turn
  • Identify and react to hazards in the road
  • Signal your intentions to other road users when someone needs to know what you’re doing
  • Understand where to ride on the road
  • Use of junctions, including turning left and right into major and minor roads
  • Deciding whether a cycle lane will help your journey
  • Use of the Highway Code, particularly when it comes to understanding road signs

You will receive a badge and certificate on successful completion of the training.

Sessions are currently delivered in schools for young people aged 9-14 years.

School Holiday Sessions

Sport North Tyneside are offering children aged 9-14 years to complete their Level 2 Bikeability Award free of charge.  The one day training course is instructive and gives young people the skills, confidence and knowledge to cycle safely in modern road conditions.

Prior to children attending, they are required be able to confidently demonstrate level 1 learning outcomes (please visit for further information on this).

On arrival at ALL sessions, children will be asked to complete a short informal competence test to ensure that they are ready to progress onto level 2.  ALL parents will be asked to stay to for this which will last approximately 15 minutes.   If a child is unable to demonstrate competence at level 1, they will not be permitted to remain at the session to progress on to level 2 on that day.

All sessions begin at 9:15am and end at 3:00pm

To take part in Bikeability, you will need the following:

  • A bike in a safe and road worthy condition with two working brakes
  • A cycle helmet
  • A packed lunch and plenty of water
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather and sun cream (when required)

If you are a school or community organisation and would like to arrange a bespoke training programme for the young people you work with, please contact